You know a new year is begun when the District Governors begin their visits to set the pace for the new year.  District Governor Mike Kelly's goals for 2015-2016 are:  1.  Support efforts of all clubs in the District  2.  Be the Rotary International Officer in the District  3.  Have fun!! not necessarily in that order.
He spoke of our current Rotary President Ravi Ravindran who is from Sri Lanka.  He is a humble business man whose slogan is “What gets measured, gets done”.  Our club should work toward a Presidential Citation and we should be “A gift to the World”.
Next, Governor Kelly discussed a major piece of Rotary International, the Rotary Foundation.  Last year they gave $47,000,000 in global grants to our clubs as well as $24,000,000 in District Grants.  The membership shared some of our Caro Rotary projects with the Governor.
One major thing that the Rotary Foundation does is Polio Eradication.  There have been only 27 new cases of polio reported this year and those were in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  They are the only two countries left that report having polio.  The Gates Foundation is a matching partner with Rotary Foundation and contributed $70,000,000 in 2014 toward this goal.
He reminded that we should strive to meet President Ravi’s slogan as well as “Service Above Self.”
The District Conference is set for May 20-21st in Alpena.  Mike’s sister is in charge so it will be good!!