I am proud to say that the Caro Rotary Club has voted Carol Starling as our Rotary Hero.  She was instrumental in starting our Interact Club in 2013-2014 Rotary Year.  She has committed a great deal of her time and even her own money in assisting the student club succeed.  She helped in maintaining and increasing the number of Interacts attending the club (doubled in size in just 1 year).  She has encouraged local community projects they are now involved in.  The interact students now are committing their time at a local elderly center playing games and reading and spending time with the elderly.  Not only has she started the Caro Rotary Interact Club; but because of the local advertising of her efforts and the efforts of the Interact Students, a nearby club saw the advertising and now she is helping another Rotary Club set up their own Interact Club.  This also helps to build the name of Rotary and what Rotary is all about in our local communities.
Carol is also greatly involved in Christmas for Kids.  She organizes Rotary Volunteers to help shop for in need families with wish lists for their children during Christmas time. This is a great undertaking.
She monitors and collects all of the listed items per family and makes sure that each child is not without a happy Christmas and gets what they need and/or desires.   This includes monitoring the finances of all of the purchases.  I’ve seen 6 carts filled to the brim in a row of shopping items for the families.  This is just one shopping trip of many.
We couldn’t be more proud of the time and energy that Carol commits (On Behalf of Rotary) toward these programs.  She is an inspiration to all of what Service Above Self really means.